Transcendental Meditation for Veterans

Another example of how meditation is finding its way into all kinds of mainstream activities where previously it would not even have been considered. The times are certainly changing, when PTST is treated with meditation rather than drugs and indifference. This article by Michael Patrick Brewer, a veteran and PTST sufferer who now attributes much of his recovery to regular meditation, is from the Tucson Citizen.


Filmmaker and Producer David Lynch has a been a devotee of Transcendental Meditation for decades. He now wants returning veterans to have the experience of the noted stress-reduction benefits of TM.

The David Lynch foundation is donating $1 million in grants to teach the meditation technique, known as TM, to the active-duty, veterans and their families. There is a ton of documentation showing the profound remedial benefits to those suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

I have practiced TM regularly since I was initiated in the program in 1972, and can testify to the immediacy of its calming effects and the contribution it affords to access a seeming infinite source of psychic energy.

I too suffered from PTSD following my service in the Marine Corps in Vietnam.  There is no question that my healing pilgrimage, that is perennial, is aided by the daily practice of meditation and prayer.

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