Shortcuts to Inner Peace

Shortcuts to Inner Peace by Ashley Davis Bush is a marvelous book for all those who feel they are too busy to stop, set aside time, sit and meditate. The author, a psychotherapist and practicing Buddhist believed many of her clients – too busy to stop – would benefit from meditation. This book is about ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities.

There are nearly 70 exercises in this book and they include such every day things as becoming aware of ‘going with the flow’ whenever you look at or touch water in your daily life. Your image in a mirror is an invitation to accept yourself as you are, to forgive yourself, to consciously love yourself. The aim of the book is to teach awareness and gradually transform the life of the practitioner.

Title: Shortcuts to Inner Peace
Author: Ashley Davis Bush
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 978-0-425-24324-4
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