Meditation is not enough

Rainbow ringThere are many practical reasons why we meditate; it calms our anxiety, helps us to concentrate, be more self-aware and mindful of our thoughts and actions. It also helps us to live well in other ways; to be more compassionate to our fellow creatures and more connected to others and our environment. To me, meditation is like a gateway to a new and better life and there are other things we can do to assist this inner growth that go beyond but are connected to meditation. Below is an interesting

Bodhipaksa writes “Meditation is a cool means of transformation, and essential as part of our practice, but the Buddha offered much, much more.” His article points out the pitfalls of putting too much ego into our meditation; placing too much emphasis on the process of meditation eg. how I sit, where I sit, what I felt.  Five of the Buddha’s precepts to lead an enlightened life are outlined in the article. They are simple and practical and require discipline and mindfulness (thats where meditation comes in). I thought I could hear echoes of Socrates.

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