Meditation Creates a Little Breathing Space for San Francisco Students

Richard Schiffman the Huffington Post on  film,  Room to Breath, by director Russell Long was filmed in a public school in San Francisco. The chosen school was one of the largest in the area,  and had the highest suspension rate in the city. Schiffman, who has worked as a Teachers Aid realises just how hard it is for kids to learn and concentrate in a world filled with video, computer games, texting and websites. He also knows how difficult it is for teachers to teach when much of their time is given just to ‘keeping the peace”.

The film opens with chaotic scenes of pencil throwing, squabbling kids and follows one of the classes as they are introduced to a new program called “mindfulness”, described as ‘bare-bones meditation in which attention is focused on bodily sensations’ commencing with the breath.  The program is being introduced into many other schools nationwide and aims ‘to give students “tools and skills” to tame the disorder within their own minds.’

The film recorded some very positive results. Schiffman points out that the kids who are calm and happy are the ones who will learn.


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