Meditating in Bali

This post is not strictly about meditation research but having spent some time on the beautiful and spiritual island of Bali this article has caught my attention. I believe it can be easier to become more mindful in such a place. Each day as part of every day life, prayers, fresh flowers and incense are offered to the gods and ancestors. Life itself incorporates a meditative quality.  Just watch the procession of elegant women carrying their offerings in silver baskets on their heads in a single line through the rice fields. It is a meditative experience.  This article by Chloe Park is about teaching meditation in Bali. I like it very much because it talks about harnessing that wild mind just for a few minutes and gradually extending the time. Its about learning to meditate, to be still and incorporating that stillness into your everyday life. I wonder if the feel of that warm air on the skin and the smell of incense in the wind helps to deepen the experience and resolve. Woman meditating by the sea

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