Omni-Sync Meditation

Omni-Sync is a product of 42 South Productions. The Omni-Sync website contains a range of meditation resources.

Free Samples

I’m always impressed when a producer of Meditation products provides a free sample. It’s a clear indication that they believe in their product. You can obtain a free 20 minute sample of Omni-Sync by clicking on this link..

What’s in the Omni-Sync System?

LifeFlow meditation consists of a series of 10 levels, each of which contains a 1 hour meditation track. The levels are numbered from 1 to 10. You begin meditating with level 1 and work through to level 10. level 1 indicates a frequency of 10 HZ (high alpha), where-as level 10 indicates a frequency of 1 HZ (low delta).

Since Alpha is the easiest entrainment state to achieve, you begin with level 1. Rex Bunn, the developer of Omni-Sync, recommends that new meditators use each level for 30 to 60 days before progressing to the next level.

Each level of Omni-Sync comes in three different formats: music, nature sounds and white noise. You can choose which format you like each time you meditate.

Multiple entrainment tones

The folks at 42 South Productions are keen for you to know that their product, unlike many other entrainment CDs around today, does not rely solely on Binaural Beats as the means of entrainment. Omni-Sync also contains monaural and isochronic tones, which are gaining a reputation as a significantly more effective entrainment medium than binaural beats used alone. The three entrainment media are structured in a harmonically linked matrix.


I have no hesitation in recommending this product. I use it myself on a regular basis, and have found it to do everything Rex Bunn claims it will do.

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