What is Meditation?

Some general introductory information about meditation, its origins and practice.

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I am particularly interested in this article because of my own meditation practice experience.  I no longer have to feel ‘guilty’ if I choose a different method!

Explorhands of woman meditatinge: The Journal of Science and Healing,” has confirmed that it is important to choose the style of meditation that suits you.  I guess this could also mean that meditation practitioners might want to change their style over time as they themselves change.

According to Adam Burke, author of the study, professor of Health Education at SF State, and the director of SF State’s Institute for Holistic Health Studies finding a practice that is the most comfortable for the individual has a lot to do with someone sticking with their meditation practice.

Burke compared four popular meditation methods: Mantra, Mindfulness, Zen and Qigong Visualization using 247 participants.  Each participant learned all four techniques and then chose the one preferred practice.  If an individual is not comfortable with a specific method for any reason, he noted, they may be less likely to continue meditating and would lose out on such benefits as reduced stress, lower blood pressure or even treatment for addiction.

“If someone is exposed to a particular technique through the media or a healthcare provider, they might assume because it’s popular it’s the best for everyone,” Burke said. “But that’s like saying because a pink dress or a blue sport coat is popular this year, it’s going to look good on everybody. In truth, different people like different things. One size does not fit all.”

The site publishing the research also provides a link to a useful article about choosing the meditation style that suits you.

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