Aging as a Spiritual Practice

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Aging as a Spiritual Practice

Whether or no you are in the last decades of your life as I am, Lewis Richmond’s book, Aging as a Spiritual Practice is a valuable and thoughtful work with good practical application.   He describes your past as stretching to the left of wherever you are now and your future stretches to the right. The future is always blurred – the message repeats what so many have said before – that we cannot live in the future.

Lewis provides us with useful ways of practicing mindfulness meditation with the breath and also by being mindful of our aging bodies. Not judging them; just accepting them as they are.  Such a practice might assist with the feeling of loss we experience as our youthful beauty and agility begins to change.

And then there is the practice of  “pebbles of life” developed by a  Zen priest. It is about keeping a collection of pebbles each one representing a week of the rest of your life. Once a week you remove a pebble  from the collection and return it to where it came from. I like this idea very much as a way of being mindful about our precious time in this life.

Anyone approaching their mid years or beyond will enjoy this book as it also outlines what it is like to grow old, the effects on ones health and just being old or older in a culture that worships youth.

Lewis’ other books include Work as a Spiritual Practice, Healing Lazarus, and A Whole Life’s Work.

Title: Aging as a Spiritual Practice
Author: Lewis Richmond
Publisher: Gotham Books
ISBN: 978-159-24069-0-6
Available from:, Kindle Store, …



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