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Welcome to my Meditation Research Blog.

I have been meditating for about 25 years and have used various techniques with great success and for long periods of time. These have included mantra,  mindfulness and sound based meditation practices. I have been and still am inspired by such people as Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodrin and Deepak Chopra.  But I am no Guru and the problem is that my practice can become inconsistent and I do not understand why.  I become seduced by the ‘busyness’ of life! I know many people suffer from the same problem. I don’t use the word ‘suffer’ lightly! When I meditate on a regular basis I am calmer and more mindful; I have greater compassion and tolerance for those around me. So why does my practice falter?

In order to answer this question I have undertaken to investigate various practices. There are so many new developments and techniques, so much discussion about ‘how to meditate’ I believe this investigation will not only add to my knowledge but influence my practice and assist me to maintain some discipline over my practice.

In addition I am particularly interested in the current scientific research being conducted into the benefits of meditation. I have been amazed at what this research is showing and also at the extent of the research that is being carried out. Initially I thought if I found that research outcomes were positive then this would be an incentive for me to practice meditation regularly. But research results are so much more than I anticipated.

All in all the objective of this blog is to shine some light on the whole matter of meditation, to allow the older traditions to have their voice, and to bring expert opinion to the fore in relation to  current trends, research and developments. I believe that the knowledge I am gaining is already assisting my practice and hope that through sharing,  this knowledge will prove stimulating and useful to others, meditators and would-be meditators alike.


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Balsama December 8, 2011 at 6:47 am

I really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the good work.


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